Access to the internet is a most effective means to bring equal opportunity to anyone who wishes to invest in education and skill advancement, health and wellbeing, and opportunity

Geography, Demographics, and Economic Resources Should Not Determine Access to the internet

Market forces and private investment alone will not deliver universal connectivity access to all: the SLVBCO is listening to the experiences of those within our community, and giving voice to internet users across the region to secure universal, affordable, and equitable access to broadband connectivity. 

Success requires adaptive learning, experimentation, innovation, and collaboration

Broadband/High Speed Internet access has become an essential advantage for well-being, and quality of life

  • Economic and community development  
  • Telehealth and aging in place
  • Education
  • Commerce
  • Civic and social engagement
  • Improved government services and delivery

We represent local and regional needs, engaging in state and national conversations which seek to educate, clarify, and honor community investment centered on the importance of expanded connectivity for all SLV residents.


We share information, resources, and knowledge to increase broadband infrastructure expansion, equitable access options, and inclusion initiatives.

The SLV Regional Broadband Coalition (SLV RBC) is a groundbreaking partnership of area nonprofit leaders, local government, and regional technical experts working together to enact lasting change. Through our nonprofit community networks, we continue to nurture the participation of diverse stakeholders, including those farthest from opportunity. The focused efforts of the SLV RBC have culminated in the now formed SLV Broadband Coordination Office, which is advancing the original goal of bringing about affordable, reliable, and abundant internet connectivity access options to all who live and work here.

Where We Began | SLV Regional Broadband Strategic Plan 2017

The San Luis Valley Broadband Coordination Office is the culmination of the efforts and energy of a solid core of individuals representing the many diverse communities of the SLV. Our desire is to advance digital equity, empowering our communities through access to affordable and competent internet connectivity and literacy.

– Improving access to broadband is only one part of the digital equity picture