Our vision is to work with San Luis Valley partners to fortify and expand the networks that enable the community to access the resources needed for education, telemedicine, business, agriculture, which will further enable our thriving communities.

The SLVBCO is the culmination of the vision and partnership of a group of local nonprofit leaders, local government, and regional technical experts working together to enact lasting change. 

Our desire is to advance digital equity for all residents of the San Luis Valley

From the more urban and populated areas, to the rural outreaches of the main cities, and into the region’s most geographically isolated and underserved communities, we are working to meaningfully engage with communities.

Support of local government, community initiatives, and improved awareness of the advantages digital access and literacy can bring effectively contribute to improved opportunity and the elevating of all within our region.

Removing barriers to communication and connectivity

In rural areas, we often experience challenges in access to internet and mobile communications due to rugged terrain, vast distances, and the remote nature of our communities. Through cooperative engagement and contribution, we can overcome these challenges, improving the lives of all who call our valley home.